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what is gothic fish?
gothic fish is a community for goths who love fish and chips. it's that simple.

how do i join?
well, first of all, make sure you read the rest of this. you fill out an application, located at the bottom of this here thingie, and post it along with at least three pictures. one has to be a clear face shot, and at lease one has to feature fish and chips. then, members will vote on whether you meet the standards. get it?

1. name?

2. age?

3. why do you consider yourself goth?

4. what do you like best about fish and chips, and why?

5. what are your favorite bands / why?

6. what's your fish and chips condiment of choice?

7. select a current issue that you have a strong opinion on (i.e. candidacy for the president, "terrorism", school budgets, etc) and write a short persuasive paragraph (at least). this is to show us that you're not some 13 year old who listens to system of a down and shops at hot topic with their daddy's credit card.

8. insert photos here!

9. finally, just go ahead and freewrite anything else you'd like to add (hobbies, tattoos, piercings, recent hair colors, favorite makeup...)

what do i do once i am accepted / rejected?
post a link to your application in the accepted members entry once you're accepted. if you're rejected, sorry! try again in a few months when you're more worthy.

who's the founder / moderator?
that would be neverender. other moderators will be added here as the community grows.

we are not here to make anyone feel bad. we are here to revel in our gothic love of fish and chips. if you feel an applicants love of fish and chips is inferior to yours, please refrain from getting angry and eating their brains. be nice.


and have fun!

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